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"Michael Laba is a natural storyteller with comic sensibilities who offers readers a fun, often surprising, journey. You’ll feel compelled to keep reading, usually with a smile on your face and always with an amused curiosity about what might happen next.  With his quirky take on life, Michael has cultivated six separate collections of short fiction and a new compilation of true stories (also available as his first-ever audio book).  His well-received novel and playful book of poems also make for unique and enjoyable reading.  An appealing sense of humor and willingness to explore unusual themes are abundantly displayed in his songwriting as well."

Michael Laba - These Stories are True
Michael Laba - Artists and Janitors
Michael Laba - Early Odds and Split Ends
Michael Laba - Michelle


Michael Laba - Washed Clothes

Washed Clothes

Michael Laba - The Reinvention of Richard Bent

The Reinvention of Richard Bent

Michael Laba - Bingo Ray

Bingo Ray

Michael Laba - Sam and Me

Sam and Me

Michael Laba - The Full Moon and Other Absurdities

The Full Moon and Other Absurdities

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