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August 24, 2016

Hmmm… Summer must have a way of sneaking past us, because August almost slipped away without me posting a new monthly blog. Luckily I was able to spend some time in Vermont and Martha’s Vineyard these past few weeks, and that will make time fly under anyone’s radar, more than likely. It was great seeing so many old friends and family, and many thanks to all the encouraging words concerning this website.

It’s funny - one of the stories in the “Artists and Janitors” collection is called “Radio Thoughts”, and it’s about a guy who hosts a radio show that doesn’t happen to be on the radio. For some reason, though, he still gets callers, and he utilizes the “dead air time” between guests by engaging in random, free-form thinking. Well, I have this feeling I’m making this story come true in real life, as for all I know I’m writing blog posts to people who aren’t there to read them. But whatever - I’m committed to doing this, and I want to thank my friend Kyle Buznici - many of you know who he is! - for enabling me to keep moving ahead in hopefully fresh ways. If any of you out there are interested in creating a personal website of your own, I’ll find a way to get his info out to you. I can’t thank him enough for the way he’s been able to make this site so reflective of me in a way that doesn’t have me scared to keep it going.

I guess the big news this month is we’ll be having the first short screenplay available for people to read very shortly. “Lori and the Landlord’s Grill” was also a short movie we’d filmed a while ago, and I may use several still photos as an accompaniment to the script. More than likely we’ll have the first half of the movie available to read for free, and then charge $1 for whoever wants to see the rest. The other two screenplays will hopefully be ready to view sometime in September.

I’m also going to put another CD out. Keep an eye on the last page of the Songs section, where we show a lovely couple dancing on the patio area of l’etoile, a restaurant in Edgartown, Ma. There’s going to be a second CD there with songs even I can’t identify as having been written by me. (One is even more-than-slightly disco!) We’re also going to find a way where one can listen to an entire CD in order without having to keep hitting another icon. It might be fun to hear an hour’s worth of music in the background. Or maybe it will just prove to be an effective way of getting yourself to sleep. Try it and let me know!

If anyone hasn’t received an email even though you’ve joined the email list, please let me know. I just sent the second one out, but I’m not completely sure all of the requests have been registered. And the rest of you - get on the email list! Why not? I’m going to have free stories available at various times and we’ll let you know when something new is happening on The current free story, “Effective Speaking”, will be available until Labor Day. If there are any requests for the next free one, please contact me - use the contact page!

Oh, and there have been people unable to join the “discussion” at the end of this blog page. The best way to do it is to join “Disqus” - free and easy - and you’ll be represented on my site immediately. And of course, to those of you who have purchased one of my books, I want to offer my most sincere thanks. Reviews are encouraged - and may even be posted!

Enjoy the rest of the summer, everyone. And see you soon!


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