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January 19, 2017

This month’s blog is going to be a copy of the letter I just sent out to the members of the email list. Perhaps it’s a lazy way for me to start out the new year, but it’s short and sweet and the timing is right. And maybe it will persuade more of you to get on the email list, because you’ll hear from me directly once a month if you do! And by the way - “persuade" is definitely my word of the day.

OK - here it is!

Hello, everyone -

I wanted to get one last email-list greeting out before the Barrack Obama presidency is over.

I happen to know for a fact that not everyone on is a fan, but most of you are - and I certainly am. For me, he’s been the best president of my lifetime and will be sorely missed. We’ve had eight years of eloquence and grace, two qualities even supporters must admit are lacking in the man who will become president tomorrow. I hope to meet him someday, just to say thanks. And maybe even point out my book “Michelle” might be the perfect gift for his wife and persuade him to buy a copy. They’ll both have some much-deserved reading time available in the coming weeks.

One or two of the books might be somewhat therapeutic for many of you as well. Those same stories from last time are still available to download for free, and I’ve been getting some nice comments about the songs. Improvements to the site are coming, I promise!

And I’ll keep this one short, because I’ve got to get ready for a 6 PM protest in NYC only 28 blocks away. Maybe I’ll persuade Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin and Mayor de Blasio to buy a book as well.

Thanks, Barrack Obama. I’m missing you already.

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