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June 29, 2021

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

This time last month we were still a couple of days away from resubmitting the new-and-improved, after what had turned into an absence of SEVEN MONTHS (!!).

And now, well - what a difference a month makes!

The response, I’m excited to say, has been overwhelmingly positive. While I had been slipping in a few details in the days leading up to this, many of you seemed genuinely surprised and happy to discover all the books, screenplays and albums now have dedicated covers - and fairly eye-catching ones at that. (And again - big thanks to brother Tom, sister Tricia and niece Aliyah for working so tirelessly we with me in this area.) The fact that all the songs can be heard on the major music sites continues to be a source of jaw-dropping fascination for me - and hopefully for some of you, too. And as fate would have it, a restaurant colleague from many years ago took it upon herself to set up an online reunion for Dylan Prime, the great steakhouse in Tribeca where many of us had the good fortune to work back in those crazy days before and after 9/11. Well, it just so happens this was the location for those restaurant scenes in our short film “Lori and the Landlord’s Grill”, with unexpected cameos from many of the people we are no longer in touch with. Needless to say, the group responded with happy surprise to the link I sent directing them to the short film.

And best of all, really…

After almost two years of delays, my book of true stories (both the digital and audio versions) is finally available for download — and a good many of you have taken advantage of the opportunity! I want to thank you SO MUCH. The reviews so far, I’m pleased to report, have been fantastic.

"Your James Taylor story is brilliant. What a memory jolt. Took me right back to the Vineyard and summer magic." "I have been loving listening to “These stories are true” whilst traveling thru Egypt!! I hope you plan to narrate all of your books because you do it so well and it makes it so much more personal!!" "I actually just finished These Stories Are True!… You’re a great writer and I really enjoyed all of it."

True - many of the verbal responses I’ve received have come from good friends and relatives. But still - you never really know how you’ve done until feedback of some fashion has arrived from at least someone!

These stories are true - Michael Laba

I’m back on the Vineyard now and find myself slowly returning to the restaurant world and a different life altogether. Suddenly I don’t have a piano, I don’t have a guitar. Probably won’t be doing much writing in the days and weeks ahead. Trust me - I'm not complaining - lazing around the beach for hours at a time has a place in this world, too. But rest assured that any comments you may have regarding will be read directly by me. I hope to hear from many more of you soon.

So please - keep those reviews coming!


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