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June 26, 2024

This past June 9th, everyone in my family received the wonderful news that my niece Marissa and her husband Cameron are expecting their first baby this coming December 27th.

While initially surprised how doctors seem now to be at the point of being able to determine an exact date of birth, I happily noted that this would be the same birthday as our father, who passed in 1980.  I can’t quite pinpoint why but interesting curiosities on events not necessarily related to each other always feel vaguely positive to me.

And then I turned on FaceBook and the absolute first thing I see is a big, black-and-white photo of my dad.

It was like he was saying hello.

I guess six years ago I posted this picture (which I never do!) on the anniversary of his death.  June 9th!  Of course - we get the news of a new arrival of a family member on this date that may end up replenishing the missing happiness on what will be his next birthday!

The circle of life, in a pure cosmic sense!  Although perhaps I’m being a bit overly-cosmic about it…

Nine days later, Willie Mays, the great baseball player who was a favorite of both myself and my father, passed away at the age of 93.  He wore the number 24, played 24 seasons, was a 24-time All Star, and now he dies, peacefully, in the year 2024.  Coincidence?  Sometimes you can’t help but suspect there really is a greater scheme of things going on.

Congrats to Marissa and Cam, greetings and love to Mr. Charles Laba, and RIP Willie Mays.

And now, let’s see what the future brings!


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