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March 28, 2021

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Occasionally things happen, right when our everyday routine seem to be trudging along, to help us realize how much in life can truly change in one month. Or even a day, if you’d like to use our recent Presidential Inauguration as an example. Vaccines can arrive. New laws can be passed. A significant other might suddenly decide to return our calls. Lotteries can be won.

My previous blog one month ago had me asking lots of questions. Not all of them were personal, by any means, but my focus appeared to be on how out-of-focus the immediate future truly was. And at one point I began questioning the existence of the very website that has housed all these blogs since May of 2016. Because we’d been off-line since before Christmas. In late February, there didn’t appear to be much hope for a return anytime soon.


My brothers Thomas and Jeffrey happened to read the blog and organized a bit of a plan of their own. Both being computer-savvy in ways I can’t comprehend, they didn’t seem to accept how might be destined to remain in limbo forever. In fact, when they got around to selling me on the idea, they appeared to believe we could recreate this website from the ground up better than ever!

Only three weeks ago was I presented with a mock-up of something they thought was workable. But it meant I would have to figure out how to adequately format that new book of true stories, which had seemed impossible one-and-a-half years ago! Oh, you can do it, they assured me! Who is going to figure out how to get actual eBooks into people’s hands? We will, they declared! What about all the songs? The screenplays? The actual short film?? No worries and no problem - we’ll all work together!

But - we think you should create actual covers for the books and screenplays this time around, they said. WHAT?! I cried. The CDs should probably LOOK like CDs as well, they opined. WHY?! I asked. We should figure out how to give people an opportunity to actually purchase albums and individual songs this time around! Well, that one sounded like an interesting idea…

Though it’s taken lots of effort on all of our parts, some answers to my initial worried reactions rather hastily arrived, time being relative and all…

New is good. Change can be positive. Improvements are possible.

We’re knee-deep into creating what will hopefully be a better experience for everyone who stumbles onto this site. My sister Tricia and niece Aliyah are providing some crucial help on almost all artistic elements being discussed. My immersion in GarageBand has shifted from all those new songs I’d been working on to cleaning up the Audio Book (!!) to “These Stories Are True” - and both products should be ready for purchase when we finally get back online!

None of this was on the horizon only one month ago! Lucky for me my brothers happened to read my most recent blog - and now the pace we’re all keeping up to finalize everything is daunting but extremely productive.

So - a lot can happen in thirty days. I’m truly looking forward to finding out what next month looks like.

I hope all of you are, too!


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