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October 26, 2016

Yes, I knew there was something I forgot to do in September… “I’m Not a Blogger” could very well be the title for my next short story. With the irony being that you can’t blog about not being a blogger without, in fact, being a blogger. It’s funny to think how that word didn’t even exist just a few happy years ago. And maybe if they could have come up with a more heroic, adventurous-sounding name we wouldn’t all be so strangely resistant to it. A “truthoptorist!” A “veracitor!!” But no - people who send these types of missives out to the ether have been given the unappealingly drudging name of “blogger”. As if one must be seated on one’s rear end in order to engage in this type of activity… As if the more words we type out the more weight we gain…

But I digress…

After the initial rush of a number of people buying one or more of my books, the inevitable slow-down has been mitigated by the nice reviews I’ve been getting from the several of you who have actually started to read a few of the stories. It’s been very gratifying, and I’m thankful. No one, including myself, seems to have much time to read anymore, especially since phones, cable and this year’s presidential election have a way of hypnotizing people for hours. (I just purchased the new iPhone myself after two years with an Android and have spent the majority of the past two days fretting over the reasons why a meaningless picture I took two years ago doesn’t seem to show up on all my devices…) I’m glad, and I think many of you are as well, that most of my stories are very short. You can get through them! Don’t lose hope!

I heard from a neighbor who said she hadn’t read any of the stories but had listened to and liked every single song on my website. I’m not really sure how I feel about this… The completed songs are demos, really, and for me the stories are more of a finished product. It’s as if someone gives you the compliment that you look good today, and you want to say thanks, but you should see me when I’m not so ill with flu-like symptoms. (An appearance, I believe, common to many of us “bloggers”…) Still - the point of is to share, and I’ll continue to do so. The screenplays - and possibly a revised novel! - are coming soon. And if I could only figure out how to use the new and improved garage band with my resistant macbook pro, recent songs could be here before the holidays as well.

And OK - I PROMISE there will be at least one more of these blogs before Christmastime! And get on my email list - you can write me directly to let me know if I’ve skipped another month! Hope you all have a great couple of weeks before holiday season starts in earnest. (It was in the thirties in NYC this morning, but I refuse to start thinking lights and Christmas trees until November…) Oh - and I think we’ll be having our books available to send as gifts soon! Have you always suspected your next-door neighbor doesn’t know how to read? This might be the perfect opportunity to find out!

I’ll be back with you soon!


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