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The Demos

The guitarist got married, the dummer moved away, and suddenly this band member was left to his own devices. I tried, and generally succeeded, to record one new "album" every year. No drumming, no assistance, and somewhat limited skill. But still - I'll happily grab a guitar or sit behind the piano and play many of the songs from these following 7 volumes today!

Volume 1

I Don't WAnt to Get Married

It Reminds me Of You

The Park


Gonna Go Back to School

Your Love

Wake Up Tie

Goodbye, Philadelphia

She Wanted my Love

Volume 2

Talking 'Bout Your Love

All I Want is You

We're Not that Much in Love

All the Girls Love Brion

I Know

Two CanPlay

Passes you By

Volume 3

In the Middle


Wasting my Time

Holding Back her Tears

She Looks Away

Right Now (Oh Yeah)

He Wants a Girl

My Little Pussycat

Figure it Out

Falling for You

I Could Think of You

Linda, Where've You Gone

You Should Call Me Tonite

Volume 4

Big Time

That Girl you See

I Feel Like Singing

Your Eyes Told Me

Never Let you Down

Carol and I

Miss you Forever

Harmless Kissing

Good Looks

Someday You Will Be Mine

You Could Fall in Love

Volume 5

I Know How you Feel

Faire L'Amour Tonite

You're Good to Me

Bill, What You Doing with that Girl

Open and Close Your Eyes

Got to do Something about my Jealousy

I Wish She would Call

Did You Think I was Never Gonna WakeUp

Do You Ever Look at those Pictures


You Can Still Think About Me

Volume 6

I Slept Till One

Walking in the Sand

Casual Breathing

What do I Need

Oh, Clea

You Must Believe Me


Megan Was Wrong

She Gives him Everything

Sad and Blue

Happy with You

Look at the Stars

Volume 7

Hold you Back

Like I Love You

Men at Forty

You Beautiful THing

Kristy Bell

I'm Kicking It

Old Boyfriend

Take Some Time

Life Among the Ruins

Long Day

Consider That

You and Me

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