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The Never-Ending 8

All of my early songs - 7 different collections - were demoed on a Tascam 4-track cassette deck. When that treasured machine finally broke down, I was a bit upset, because 8 is my lucky number and I'd figured the next one was bound to be my best. So I continued to write but didn't record for years. When I finally decided to take a winter off to learn GarageBand, I shocked myself by discovering 72 compositions awaited  (73 if you count an instrumental  not  included here). "The Never-Ending 8" could probably be thought of as my "NYC / Martha's Vineyard Songs". These five connected-but-distinct albums are now available to everyone .


I Respect You, Babe

Lucy's Song (Where is Tom Today)

And I'm Over You


My Yoga Teacher

Spring has Come

Standing on the Platform

True Love

New Orleans

How I hate to See my Mother Cry

I Would Walk Away

I Found Out

Gonna Drink Some Beer

Lovely Laurel

Moving On

When Our Time is Up

My Girlfriend the Star

The Way He Was

You Could have Been with Me

You Should Come Down

My Fake English Accent

The Weight of my Ignorance


Moving Day

Lina Please


I've Got to Learn to Shut my Mouth

She Needs Somebody

The Way He Hwas

Song for Brion

Bed's Been Squeaking for Years

My Friend

All You Have to Do is Smile

I'm Feeling So Low



Miles Back


Two People

All You Have to do is Smile

My Fantasy

Pretty Little Girls

Oh Mama She's Been Out Tonight

Don't You Want Me

Trophy Wife

The Perfect Orgasm

I Know that Look

Tons of Lead on my Back

In My Mind

Nothing Much

I Respect You Babe


In My Mind

Back to the Wall

My Depression

You Still Belong

Victoria Ashley

He'll Sing at the Funeral

When Will I Come Back

All She Really Loves is that Dog

Misunderstand Me

Something was Right

She Doesn't Want to Dance


NYC Blues (I Wish I Had some Money)

So Sorry

I Stopped Being Myself


She's Mine

Take Me

Our Love

My Baby and Me

She's So Ahead of Her Time

My Girl


Lucy's Song (Where is Tom Today)

On this Lovely Christmas Eve


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