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February 26, 2024

I suppose it could happen…

I mean, you know - what would one actually do with the unexpected spare cash that would come with winning one (or two) of those $100 Super Bowl squares offered every year in almost every bar in the world?  I’m sure this would be a lovely problem to have…

Even the idea of seeing unearned cash spread out over one’s desk would surely bring an appreciative smile to whomever might be in such a position…

But again - what would most people choose to do next?

Unless absolutely necessary, simply adding this total to an existing bank account would be at odds with the spirit of the victory, one might argue.  These are not the moments to choose to honor one’s frugal side.

So let's just think about it; what would be the next part of this happy dream?

Ah - a vacation!  Yes - Paris!  Or - New Orleans!  Or even London, a prized destination that has remained elusive to someone like me so far…

(Although taking time off from work can be a challenge, even in the slow time of, say, the restaurant season…)

New furniture, though - there’s no wrong time for something like that!  Or an updated wardrobe!  Or… well, here in NYC there are so many shows to see and restaurants to experience, where a slight combination would surely drain the suddenly full pockets of most consumers.  One could easily have great fun for an extremely finite amount of time.

But for some of us, musical instruments - or household appliances - or flatscreen TVs with wireless sound oozing into every acoustic square foot of an already cramped apartment might evoke images of temporary nirvana for sure.

There are so many beautiful options to visualize…

Although, well - maybe a really old person might consider something as mundane as re-upholstering a sofa/sleeper bed combination that has already been enjoyed for years.  Hard to imagine, though, having become such an elderly person yourself!


These little daydreams are sweet to imagine, in any case.  I hear winning one (or two) of those Super Bowl squares can be quite rewarding.  Hopefully in the future we’ll all be able to discover a bit about ourselves once bequeathed with such unlikely financial windfalls of our own!

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