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March 30, 2024

Today’s early voting in NYC was largely ceremonial in nature, as Joe Biden has already secured the Democratic nomination.  But there I was, braving a zero-minute wait and a polling station manned by wonderful volunteers catering to only me.  I plan to be involved vocally, spiritually, and blog-wise for these coming months.  I would have loved to attend the recent Radio City Music Hall fundraising extravaganza featuring Presidents Biden, Obama and Clinton, but well - I guess my Super Bowl winnings were deleted from couch re-upholstery expenses (see previous blog…).  But I’m willing to make some 2024 predictions now.

Though it’s the least earth-shattering of the four criminal cases before him, I believe next month’s trial in New York City will end with a guilty verdict.  Whether this leads to a downturn in the GOP polls is debatable - but justice will keep moving slowly but surely in the right direction.

I will not be purchasing a pair of gold sneakers or the newly-available King James bible with the constitution imbedded inside.  This prediction I’d wager my entire collection of songs and fiction on.

Let’s see… the other three trials concern stolen high-security documents, an effort to overturn votes in Georgia, and oh, yeah - fomenting a crazed riot designed to derail the election results on January 6th, 2021.  The defendant is obviously guilty in all three cases, but hmm… Probably only one of these cases will be heard before next year’s election.  But whichever case moves forward will be a devastating blow, both personally and professionally.  And this will make for great TV.

And finally, yes - the election.  Joe Biden will win.  The democrats will control both the House and the Senate.  And there will be great joy and relief around the world.

Especially here, at

I wish we could just wake up and everything would already be over, but more than likely we’re headed for many stressful moments ahead.  The point to remember is this: as long as we all vote - even when the act seems a bit meaningless, as it was today - good things will happen.  Generations before us have bravely stepped up to the moment in times of crisis.  It’s our turn now.

Bring on the rest of 2024!

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